MyDirtyHobby Review

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MyDirtyHobby Review

Before reading the review, you need to understand that our site operates under an affiliate program. We have specific agreements with advertiser sites, and we receive commission money for this. At the same time, we try to be objective and impartial in our reviews.

In this review of MyDirtyHobby, we tell about all its unique features and sensual possibilities.


When you start, all the information you have to add is your username, email, and password. Sounds easy, right? Well, not that much. Because as soon as you add this information, you have to add the payment method immediately. We tried to access the website without providing the card after registration, but it was impossible.

When you register and add the payment method, you have 100 dirty cents as a gift. Still, they become available only if you pay for the use of the site — no trial possible here when you’ve already registered. So, you have to take two steps to register, but most of the functions are not available to unregistered users.

MyDirtyHobby Interface

The website’s interface is not the best. It’s basic, and the white background may seem a little old-school. On the positive side, you still can watch each of the girls you admire because nothing distracts you. The functionality of MyDirtyHobby is proper: you can choose among the random users, look through photos and videos, or pick the webcam models.

The filtering system is also appropriate, so the website does its primary functions. While it could have been more aesthetically appealing, it is still entirely usable. The site supports German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian languages.

Useful Features on MyDirtyHobby

MyDirtyHobby has some unique features that stem from its idea in general. It is a website that supports amateurs, so you can chat with lots of people and share photos and videos with them, especially in the “community” section. It also offers you to find someone nearby if you’re interested in hookups with someone in real life. You can also buy some photos and videos to leave them to yourself. If you’re bored but not into calling someone, you can play MyDirtyBoss game.

MyDirtyHobby Users

Count of Users

Because MyDirtyHobby is a website that is continuously developing and inviting more people, more people are registering every day. But there are more than 40,000 performers, although not all of them are into webcam: some only sell their photos and videos. So, there are about 12,000 models among them.

When we were on the website for the last time, there were 11,000 people online. In the category “Big Tits,” we saw more than 100 users. In “Latin American,” for example, there were 17 performers. Looking through sexual preferences, we tested the “Role Playing” category and saw 197 models.

Members Quality

In this case, talking about the quality of the members is interesting. There are not many professional models on the website because it proudly calls itself a platform with real people, so its quality is not like on the services with professional models. Yet, there are lots of people on MyDirtyHobby because it is one of the giants in the webcam industry.

There are many positive reviews from people who use it because they get a unique experience. But controlling the behavior of so many individuals is pretty complicated, so there is also a low-quality content as not all models invest hard in their work.

Types of Members

There are two types of users on MyDirtyHobby. These are the following: amateurs and members. Amateurs are all the users who want to gain some money on their dirty little secrets, and members are those who are on the “watching” side. While as the amateurs, people can register as a couple, other options are limited.

Members pay for their use of the website with dirty coins (dc), and amateurs offer their videos and photos or shows for others to enjoy. Registration as an amateur is a little longer.


Communication on the website is varied, but you get a relatively basic set of features on it. If you’re a fan of webcam models, you can call and have a private video with them whenever you want. You can also chat with them or other users, but you have to pay for sending messages as well.

Most people attach different files with their texts if they feel that they want to share intimate moments with others. In general, you can reach out to almost every person in whom you’re interested or search in certain countries.

MyDirtyHobby Prices

Everything on MyDirtyHobby works on a system of dirty coins. When registering, you receive a bonus of 100 dc if you purchase dc to your account. The more you buy, the less you have to pay for each dc. For example, if you buy 800 dc, you pay 10 euros. But if you buy 1,200 dc, you pay only 15 euros.

Not all webcam girls provide information about the price of a specific service, so texting them is the best option to know what they can do and for what price. But there are some standard prices.

Call per minute From 99 dc
Photo purchase from 100 dc
Video purchase from 200 dc
Sending a message to a model 10 dc

MyDirtyHobby Free Account

MyDirtyHobby beta is not the best choice you can stop on. It is not the type of an account that allows you to browse through the profiles of the models or even the photos to compare prices. Once you register, everything is closed for you before you pay.

The only function that is available for you on MyDirtyHobby beta is the FAQ section and terms of use. If you want to know more about the content of the service, better look through the website as an unregistered user. We think that it’s a disadvantage to the site.

MyDirtyHobby Premium Account

premium account on MyDirtyHobby becomes yours once you pay at least once. Depending on how long you expect to use the website, you can purchase different numbers of dc. If you want to use the platform, you need to try at least the cheapest version and then decide for yourself.

Premium membership is the only option for you to be a member of the website. With it, you can buy and watch photos of all the amateurs, chat with them or other members, and call the models of your choice.

Why Is Premium Better?

Being a Premium user for a long time allows you to enjoy the cam service while saving some money. You may start your Premium account from 10 euro, but if you want to spend more time on the fantastic sexy content, you can buy even more for 50 euro.

While the status of your Premium account does not change, your history of payments makes you a more popular user among the girls. The models have their favorites, too. As a Premium user, you also communicate with others and can purchase videos and pictures for lower prices.

MyDirtyHobby Archive

MyDirtyHobby has two awesome additions to its general webcam service. It has a section with great photos and videos for you to buy and later watch as often as you want. Also, MyDirtyHobby has an active community with lots of pieces of advice on a career in cams, sharing information, and spicy experiences.

MyDirtyHobby Mobile

MyDirtyHobby does not have a mobile application. Because it has such a broad range of functions, creating an app would be great. But we’ve tried the mobile version, and it was comfortable in use. There are fewer details in the mobile browser, but all the necessary functions remained.

You still can text and call people, and the show you watch does not become blurry or slower because you use the smartphone. MyDirtyHobby adapts to your phone model and works pretty fast. In our opinion, this version is as good as a desktop one.

MyDirtyHobby Security

MyDirtyHobby is quite concerned with the security and anonymity of its users. It does not allow other third parties to obtain any information about a user, so this danger does not exist. Also, the website uses “https” protocol security during the payment procedures.

After the payment, all the confirmation emerges via the email, not physical bills. It is also not recommended to use real names, so if you want not to be detected, be creative with your nickname. The only disadvantage is that you can find a user in your country, so from this position, MyDirtyHobby is not very secure.

MyDirtyHobby – Conclusion

MyDirtyHobby is one of the three largest cam portals in the world, and its popularity is only increasing. Its closest rivals are Chaturbate and ImLive. It has the exclusive content that is offered by users who are real people, so it is a real advantage. Still, there are some disadvantages as well.

First, during registration, MyDirtyHobby may require you to provide documents to confirm your identity. Second, models cannot work on other webcam sites, so they may be discouraged from working on only one service. The website is well-adapted to the users, so MyDirtyHobby receives 8.6 in our rating.