SkyPrivate Review

  • One of the most popular cam websites
  • A lot of girls to choose from
  • Becomes more personalized as you use it

SkyPrivate Review

Before reading the review, you need to understand that our site operates under an affiliate program. We have specific agreements with advertiser sites, and we receive commission money for this. At the same time, we try to be objective and impartial in our reviews.

This review will tell you about one of the promising services in the webcam industry and show its advantages, disadvantages, and eventually show our rating for it.


Unlike in cases with some other websites, SkyPrivate requires registration. Although you may not want to register for a quick session of pleasure, remember that the majority of great features of the site are not available for unregistered users. Registration is simple and done in two main steps. When choosing “Create a free account,” you’d better use your Skype ID because many video sessions are available through Skype. You also have to write your password and email and pick the “member” account type.

SkyPrivate Interface

The interface of the SkyPrivate is simple and pleasant to use, and it uses plain and basic colors to attract attention to the photos. It’s not surprising: this company is new, and it uses modern design strategies, not the old-fashioned, boring patterns that distract from watching these gorgeous girls. It has an intuitive design and also adapts to mobile browsing if you need it. SkyPrivate is as convenient in use in the mobile version, so feel free to switch to it if you’re tired of sitting with the laptop. The website also works in English, Roman, Russian, and Spanish languages.

Useful Features on SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate has its own unique features for you to discover. The service offers you an even more excellent experience with interactive toys available on its service. SkyPrivate uses Vorze, Imtoy, WeVibe, Ohmibod, and Kiiro. You can purchase the videos and photos of the model if she has any of them for you to buy. Even more, you can buy their things, including lingerie, if you want to, so the experience is really unique.

The website also has an innovative function of immersive VR webcam shows that creates an even greater feeling of presence for you to discover with the help of Terpon technologies. It also offers you the blog with recent updates and tips on improving your time spent with the website. Besides, you can book a date with your favorites, so don’t hesitate.

SkyPrivate Users

Count of users

The users on SkyPrivate are so different that you’ll want to spend all your free time watching them performing for you. SkyPrivate has more than 27,500 Skype models and invites even more because of its popularity and high demand. There are about 180,000 users.

There are different categories with lots of models in them. In the section “Porn Stars,” we saw 37 models online. In the “Gay” category, there were 7 models online. If you’re a fan of the girls in a teen cam category, you’ll be happy to know that there were more than 60 of them online the last time we checked.

Members Quality

SkyPrivate is one of the giants in its sphere, although it is a new service, so its popularity speaks for itself. There are two types of paid accounts for the members: Premium and Premium VIP accounts. Premium members have a limit of $200 for the transaction, and Premium VIP members have their limit increased up to $400 if they have a good funding history and at least half a year of the use of the service. Because of the persuasive prices, the portal attracts more models every day. The rates on the models differ significantly, from $1 to $12 per minute.

Types of Members

There are three types of users on SkyPrivate: models, members, and studios. Models are these sexy chicks you see, and they, too, have their parts of the website for themselves regarding payment, help, and other features they need. The majority of users on SkyPrivate are girls, although it is open to users with different sexual preferences and genders.

Members are the largest group on the website. Finally, studios work with this webcam website as well. They usually have lots of attractive girls whom they supervise and assist, and SkyPrivate gives them special features to enjoy.


Communication via SkyPrivate is simple. Surely, you can chat with models and call them to have a short time with the cuties. But we didn’t come to talk, so video calls are the central part of the service. They rely on Skype, so if you want to call a girl, use her Skype ID, and find her on Skype to watch and relax. Remember that you can’t chat with a model if you didn’t load your account with funds, and they can reject you if they know that you don’t have enough money.

Skyprivate Prices

Price Category One-minute call Individualized show Choice of model’s clothes
Best Cheap From $1 From $25 From $10
Best Average From $5 From $25 From $10
Best Expensive From $8 From $25 From $10

Although some prices vary from model to model, many additional features have similar prices. If you’re unsure, you can always look through their price list or write them to ask for a particular detail to be included in the show.

Skyprivate Free Account

Free accounts in SkyPrivate may be useful only if you want to analyze the service and know if it suits you and your preferences. With a free account, you can register and browse through the pages of models to understand if the whole database is for you. You’ll probably like what you see: SkyPrivate doesn’t invite amateurs.

You can also look through some of the photos of the models and, perhaps, you’ll immediately find the one who’ll motivate you to become a Premium member. It is done to reject all the lovers of free cams for nothing, but with paid accounts, you receive tons of high-quality content, so don’t hesitate.

SkyPrivate Premium Account

If you plan to stay, then you’ll have a Premium membership as soon as you transfer funds to your account at least once. You’ll have access to communication with models as soon as you become a Premium member. A cool thing here is that you don’t lose this status if you forget to pay again! Still, you can’t call without money, remember.

This account type allows you to be a full member of SkyPrivate and shows that you’re verified and trusted. Another kind of account is Premium VIP, but you have to be patient and deserve it after some time. After all, it’ll show your commitment.

Why is Premium Better?

Premium is all you need from SkyPrivate because, otherwise, you only waste your time. Why do you need a service if you can’t enjoy it? Many models don’t want to be shown to the unregistered users and request to be hidden to non-Premium users. So, chances are you can’t even preview lots of cuties when you don’t have a paid account. Because the Premium account gives you the possibility to use the service, all the stuff you want to try is available after your first payment.

SkyPrivate Archive

SkyPrivate Archive is a blog on the website that discusses the essential topics and gives you the hints on the use of the service or behavior. It is useful both for models and users, although it concentrates mostly on the former group. The archive helps users to improve their safety and gives updates on the recent changes as well.

SkyPrivate Mobile

It’s sad that SkyPrivate currently doesn’t have the mobile app because it could have allowed you a better experience. Yet, the service doesn’t make a secret that both models and members can use it on the mobile phone regardless. Why? Because Skype has a mobile app, so you’re not deprived of anything here.

The browser version of SkyPrivate is adaptable, and you can browse through all the categories and choose whoever you like. Just don’t forget that you need Skype for your device as well. We checked and compared the desktop and mobile versions, and both of them were great.

SkyPrivate Security

Understanding that security is among the key features for you, SkyPrivate helps both members and models to maintain their privacy. The service itself stores information about your account, email, phone, and finances. However, they emphasize that all this data is collected only to improve the experience and is never shared with others.

The security at SkyPrivate is reliable. SkyPrivate may use your financial information with third parties if you purchase something through the service. Still, in other cases, it uses physical, administrative, and technological security approaches to protect you. It also monitors the scammers and ensures that all the suspicious users are blocked immediately.

SkyPrivate – Conclusion

We think that SkyPrivate is an excellent service that will become even better shortly. It is one of 5 largest cam portals today, together with Chaturbate and ImLive. Because it is a new service, you can get lots of bonuses for registration and even more if you invite new users. For all the dollars that you pay, you get a pleasant experience and an attractive design. Besides, there are so many girls to choose from! It is also becoming more personalized as you use it, and it is very user-friendly. So, despite its minor inconveniences, we give this service 8.4 points