XCams Review

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XCams Review

Before reading the review, you need to understand that our site operates under an affiliate program. We have specific agreements with advertiser sites, and we receive commission money for this. At the same time, we try to be objective and impartial in our reviews.

With this review, we will take a deep look into one of Europe’s largest cam websites.


To register an account with Xcams, all that you need to do is press the registration button in the upper right corner to be taken to the registration screen. An image of a pretty girl welcomes you to the website that only needs your email, password, and nickname. Then all that you need to do is confirm your email, and you are set to go! (Don’t forget to check your spam folder!).

Actually, if you do not want an account, you can click the “pay by phone” button below and pay easily and anonymously in this way.

A registered account is not that different from free access, but it does allow you to save your favorite models from finding them back later. All other things require you to buy points, but more on that later.

Xcams Interface

The site is quite fun and easy to use, as you get greeted with hundreds of potential cam partners as soon as you open the page. You can mouse over any of the icons to see the live feed and even click it to enter the chat room. Here you can group chat with them in their preferred language and interact with them on that level.

There is also a button that allows you to see their profile and some pictures. In the upper part of the website, you can choose the gender of your model, body shape, and hair color. The site is available in 14 languages, and the cam models can be selected by spoken language. Available are French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch.

The website works on all screens, laptop, PC, phone and tablet.

Useful Features on XCams

XCams is a very user-friendly website. It allows you to sort the models on your preferred language, which is very nice if English is not your first language, or even if you just want to practice your language in a fun way.

Once you are signed in, the website will save your conversations under a handy button in the upper right corner. So, if you lost that model that you liked, and wish that you had added her to your favorites, then you can still find them back as long as you said something in the chat.

Some of the models also have a Bluetooth vibrator, and for just a few credits, you can activate that for a few seconds. Along with it, you cannot save the video during a private show.

XCams Users

Number of Users

At any moment, there are at least 400 models online in the categories of Women, Couples, and Trans. Once you choose your model type, you can refine deeper by choosing from the following categories of hair: Blonde, Brunette, and Red hair.

You can also pick between small and big titted models. There is also the body type, which is simply split into thin and XL. Ages are split into 18-25 and 40+. (We have no idea where the girls in between go!) Finally, there is the option to filter for cam models that have a Bluetooth toy attached. There is a bunch of models in each of these categories.

Members Quality

Xcams is one of the giants of online cam sites. They have a large community and if you look online for reviews about the website, you will find that most of them are positive. It has even been ranked as the top 5 of all times by some. This overwhelmingly positive reception is due to the fact that Xcams is very user friendly and offers tones free content to its users.

Models with a little “free” indicator in the upper corner are free to watch, the rest will charge you as soon as you enter. But there are always plenty of free models to watch for those who do not want to pay. If you want more interaction though, you’ll need to pay. But more on that later!


The best part of watching webcam models over normal porn is that you can interact with the model in real-time. Instead of just watching prerecorded stuff, you can ask the girl to do certain things for you. Call you the dirty names that you like and show you what you want to see. This interaction generally goes via the chat window. There is one for regular users, and one for during private shows.

Other than that, there is no way to communicate with the model besides perhaps making their vibrator buzz. Of course, the model can talk to you if they have their sound on, but there is no talking from your side, unfortunately. It shouldn’t stop you from having a good time, though!

XCams Prices

XCams PricesEverything on the website is paid by their custom currency called “Credits.” It is super easy to get these credits, and you can use several methods to buy them. Amongst them are credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, bitcoin, and even Paysafe cards. For those who don’t want to leave a trail, you can also pay by phone. One credit will set you back by about $0.15, a bit less if you buy a lot in one go.

These credits can then be used to pay for your private shows. The rates vary from model to model, but on average, you will pay between 5 and 10 credits per minute. It is quite cheap as far as these sites go! Buzzing a toy costs 10 credits per 10 seconds, and you can give a tip to the girls from 1 to 100 credits.

Xcams Free Accounts

A free account is very easy to get. As described above, you just need a few clicks and to confirm your email. Apart from that, the free account is not that different from no account. You do not get any extra access to cams or anything that the free users cannot do. The biggest plus is that you can save your favorite models and chat with them.

XCams Premium Accounts

XCams does not have a premium account class. Everything is linked to the free account, and the difference between free and premium is whether or not you buy credits. The credits are a currency that you use for everything on the site. For example, you use them to pay for your private shows, you activate the remote toys by paying with credits, and you give tips in the form of credits.

On top of that, you pay 1 credit for each email type message that you send to a model. They will be encouraged to answer, though, so if you want to ask them a respectful question, this might be a good way to get their attention. Other than that, there is no difference between a free and premium account on Xcams.

Why is Premium Better?

Premium users on Xcams have much more potential for fun when using the website than free users. If you buy credits, you can spend small amounts on things like private messages to the models or give tips to the models in the free mode of the website. Of course, you can also use the credits to get into a private room with the girl and get some one-on-one action.

However, it is not completely true. If you go into a private chat with the girl, any other paying user can join you in this mode. If you want the girl for yourself, you will need to go VIP. It is a slightly more expensive mode where you can make sure that the girl is just yours.

So honestly, why would you not get some credits to get a live model to entertain you? Anyone who is fed up with regular porn should try one on one cam shows.

Xcams Archive

There is no archive on Xcams, and the shows do not get recorded. There are other websites out there that have recorded material from Xcams cam shows but do always ask the girl if she is Ok with before you try to get it somehow.

XCams Mobile

Xcams has a very nice mobile site that works perfectly on both Android, iPhones and even tablets. Basically, anything with a screen can be used to access XCams. The interface is very similar to the PC version, with a large mosaic of available cam girls filling the screen when you access it. The menu is now hidden behind the typical 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner. From this, you can access all the same options as on the PC. You can even sign up via the mobile website and pay by phone if you want.

XCams Security

On websites like Xcams your privacy is very important, and Xcams does realize that. For that reason, their privacy policy is constructed in such a way that protects the users of the site to the highest extent possible. An excerpt from the privacy policy says: “All precautions have been taken to store the Personal Data of Members in a secure environment and to prevent them from being altered, damaged or for unauthorized third parties to have access to them. The information transmitted by the Member will never be transmitted to a third party with a commercial aim, nor sold or exchanged.”

XCams Conclusions

As one of the largest European cam portals out there, Xcams has a lot to offer for any type of user. People who do not want to pay can enjoy the free cam shows that feature surprisingly many naked women. If you are willing to pay, then the site gets a lot more fun, and you can make the girl make specific porn for you.

The registration is very easy, secure, and anonymous. The user interface is clear and easy to use. However, searching models on race is not easy, and sometimes the cams can hang in the free mode, which might not be the best way to build trust for those who pay. Taking everything together, we give it a rating of 8.6.