XLoveCam Review

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XLoveCam Review

Before reading the review, you need to understand that our site operates under an affiliate program. We have specific agreements with advertiser sites, and we receive commission money for this. At the same time, we try to be objective and impartial in our reviews.

With this XLoveCam review, you will be able to understand whether the website is worthy or not. XLoveCam is counted among the popular adult cam sites. It has lots of performers, the site is easy to navigate, the design is user-friendly, and it is a trusted platform. Let’s start and review its features one by one.

How to Register/Login on XLoveCam?

The registration process on XLoveCam is as easy as one-two-three. They offer premium and also free membership. Free members can not access all the features such as private cams.

Registration steps are the following:

  • Go to XLoveCam.
  • Click on the “Join Now” button on the top right corner.
  • Fill the form with a unique username.
  • Set a password and provide your email address.
  • Now you can use your free account

Additionally, a free account does not need email confirmation. You are also allowed to sign up multiple accounts as long as you do not misuse them.

If you already have an account, then just click on login and provide your account details for login. You can also use this platform without signing up and can watch sexy live performers, but this session will end after one time so, it’s better to sign up so that you can browse model profiles, can see their hot picture, and also can enjoy live cams.

If you are a model, then the sign-up process will be a bit longer as you have to provide some other pieces of information also. Model’s account verification time is 24 hours, and XLoveCam offers two types of accounts to models – individual sign up and studio signs up (at least two members required).

XLoveCam Interface

This live cam site is user-friendly, easy to navigate, responsive, and fast. XLoveCam is compatible with every device and browser. They have a special design for mobile devices that fits on every screen and runs very fast.

Model’s images (thumbnails) fit on every screen, and hovering on the images shows you a pop up with the model’s live performance. This feature lets you know and choose the desired model from a single screen.

Users no longer need to use translation apps and browser extension because XLoveCam is available in multiple languages. It is available in 20+ languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and other popular ones. Additionally, their search filter will also help you to find a performer who speaks your desired language.

Useful Features on XLoveCam

First, take an overview of all their features:

  • HD cams available
  • 20+ languages speaking models
  • Cam to cam chatting option
  • Go private with desire model
  • A lot of material available publicly and free
  • Apply filters to find a big breast, desired shape  & age performers
  • Access recorded videos by subscribing VIP plan

This adult site is worth the money and provides lots of features ranging from advanced search to sexy models’ private cam chat. XLoveCam search includes advanced filters, and you can apply them to find a specific language speaker or a desired-shape body girl.

Using categories, you are allowed to choose a model by age, couples, lesbians, and gay. There are almost 15 filters, including boobs size, shave or hairy pussy, hair & eye colors. Simply you can use it to choose the desired model.

Lots of live videos are available publicly, but it is limited to one minute. You can subscribe to a premium plan and also can go private with a model that will cost at least $2/minute. By joining the VIP package plan, you can also access models’ recorded (archive) videos. The cam-to-cam chat is also a great feature available for premium users.

XLoveCam Users & Models

Let’s see it with further clarification:

Count of Users

You will find hundreds of models live every time from different regions of the world. They have almost 35,000+ models, and surely the number of watchers is larger than this.

Their models are from Asia to Europe, including teens, milf, couples, lesbians, and gay. The use of advanced filters will also help you to find the desired girl. You can browse by ethnic groups such as Arab, White, Asian, black, or  Latin.

In every category, you will find at least 100 live performers every time. You can watch public performances for free and also can see models’ photos on their profile. For private chatting, you have to pay some charges.

Quality of Members

Are the models on XLoveCam real, and are they performing live, or is it only a video loop? XLoveCam is a large market and has real models who are performing live. The cams that viewers see are public. Additionally, there are also naughty and sexy photos and videos of performers that may be available publicly.

XLoveCam allows models to set their rates and timing. Each girl is free to perform either public or private as per her desire. They can perform as long as they are adults and don’t break any rules.

XLoveCam site also allows models to either perform individually or as couples (studio). They set their private cam rates (normally $2/ minute while some have $5/minute). Their users (watchers) are satisfied with service, and that’s why they have 90+ positive ratings.

There are three ways to watch adult cams and sexy chatting:

  • FREE without registration (limited to 1 minute)
  • FREE with registration (not all features can be assessed like private chatting with models, cam to cam, private models’ super sexy videos
  • Premium account (best choice, give access to all features).

Types of Members

There are two types of members:

  • Users (watchers)
  • Models (performers)

The users’ accounts are further classified into two major categories – free and premium. By joining a free account, one can watch models’ pictures, live cam shows, but he can’t access private cam shows. Neither he can ask the model for a specific action such as on-demand dance, use of sex toy, etc.

Premium watcher accounts give you all the benefits that you desire and love. There are three types of premium accounts, having more and more features, respectively.

For models, there are two types of accounts first one is individual sign-up, and the second is studio registration. There must be two performers for studio registration. Models are free to set their rates. They can decide that either their videos and photos will be available publicly or not.

The registration method for both is also different. The user account can be created in less than 5 seconds while models have to provide some other details also so, their account goes under a review, which usually takes 24 hours.

How to Communicate With Models?

Following are the available methods to communicate with models:

  • Built-in message option
  • Private chatting
  • Cam to cam video

Message option is available for all users either they are free account holders or paid, but the other two methods need to spend money. For private chatting, you have to pay at least $2. Keep in mind that private chatting price is set by the model, and she is free to set any rate.

If you have a webcam, then you can set up it and start cam to cam chat, but it is even costly.

Following are some rules of XLoveCam private chatting regarding prices:

  • You will be charged for one minute, even if you spend 5 seconds. Another example is, if you spend 1.2 minutes in a private session, then you will be charged for 2 minutes.
  • Every performer is free to decide whether she will offer a private chat or not.

XLoveCam Prices

Except for private shows, there are also other actions that users love to see. If you are willing to ask your desired model for a specific action, then you have to send her some money. There is no exact price; models set their rates of every naughty action and can increase or decrease it as per desire. Anyhow, after some research, we found lots of information about the pricing range. Some of them are the following:

Feature Price
Private Show Models set own rate minimum $2/minute
Ask her to use a vibrator (short time) $1.11 – $2
Remove bra $2 – $5.53
Remove Panties $3 – $8
Bend over and shake ass $5 – $7.74

XLoveCam Free Account Features & Benefits

XLoveCam account can also be used for free of cost. Only a few seconds required for sign-up, and you can start watching lots of models naughty actions.

A detailed review of free features is below:

Watch Public Cams – All models are available publicly. You can choose any model from 35,000+ available models.

Send Messages – Sending messages to models is also free of cost.

Access Photos & Videos – Models can also add their photos and videos in their profiles that might be available for free users. You can browse profiles and can see beautiful boobs, pink pussy, and big ass pictures.

All these features are very nice and let you shortlist desired models based on the figure, ass size, big or small boobs, or naughty actions that a specific model can do.

XLoveCam Premium Account

There are also premium accounts and paid features that can not access publicly. For example, a private chat is an option that is a paid service by a model, and you have to pay charges based on minutes.

Another service is the VIP feature, in which you have to pay a monthly fee to see some special performances. By joining VIP membership, you can see archive (previous cams recordings) also.

These were two premium account types while there is also some paid action. If you want to see a model’s breasts, then send the money that she has fixed for this action — asking her to show her ass and pussy by paying or telling her to use a vibrator.

Why Premium is Better – Enjoy On Demand Action

A premium account is a preferable option. The free account only provides those actions that models have selected to show everyone. However, every person likes different sex actions like some like to see a girl putting big dildo in her ass, and some like to put it in pussy. Alike in couple-sex, one like deep anal fuck and some like 69 licking and sucking.

Pay some more and start cam to cam chat. Ask her to masturbate and listen to sexy sounds, ask big boobs girls to suck her nipples, and lots of other actions that you love to see.

To see such actions of your desired models, you to go private with them or subscribe to a monthly plan (VIP subscription) or ask her for special action by spending some extra. Additionally, there are lots of videos (archive) that models only show to VIP members. Cam video chat is also another premium option in which you will also set up a video cam and directly chat with your favorite model.

What is XLoveCam Archive?

It is a super feature only for VIP members. If you have subscribed to a VIP monthly plan of models that you can also see her previous cam recording, and it means that no cam will miss.

Every model has its charges for a VIP subscription, and you have to pay each month to stay in the VIP list. The VIP subscription is only for one model. If you want to watch another model, then you also need to subscribe to her VIP plan. Anyway, it’s the hottest feature on XLoveCam that provides lots of material and special cams that are not available to others.

XLoveCam Mobile Version

Unfortunately, they are not offering mobile applications because play store and Apple store both do not allow adult apps. By the way, their site is superb designed for mobile users, and you will not find any difficulty in navigation, searching, or watching live cams.

The main site will automatically redirect to the mobile version if someone is visiting from mobile or tablet. Thumbnails automatically adjust on-screen, and also model live performance fit on every screen. Like the desktop version, hovering on the model’s thumbnail on mobile opens a small pop up with her live performance. It is fully responsive and users Optimized, and we can give it a 99.99% score in site design.

XLoveCam Security

XLoveCam is fully secure, which uses https encryption. Payments are anonymous and transferred securely. Their security is as smart as their design.

According to their privacy policy page, your information such as email and username remain stored in their system, and they can use it to send you promotions. This data remains to save until you do not close your account.

When you add funds in your account, your email address, real name, and address are asked, which is stored in their database due to tax regulations. Additionally, they are informing users on their privacy policy page that we can send promotions, bonuses, and newsletters on your given email address.

Cookies policy is also declared. They use cookies that store in users’ browsers so that their site can automatically detect when a user comes next time. These cookies help them to gather analytical data.

XLoveCam Conclusion

XLoveCam is counted among the large and trusted sex cam portals. It is equally useful for users as well as models. Although some models have too high rates, it is worth the money. There are European, Asian as well as Arab beauties, and one can easily find the desired model.

For models, it is a good earning platform that provides 50% money and a 20% referral amount. Other bonuses and on-demand actions provide additional money. Models are free to set their rates and can show pictures & videos, public or private. VIP subscription also guarantees money on a monthly basis. They also give $1500 bonus to top performers.

Overall, we would give it 8.6 ratings out of 10. The major problem is only one that some models have too high charges, but XLoveCam can not do anything on this issue because models set their rates.